Sardar G.S Sahota
Sardar B.S.Panesar
Sardar K.S.Bhogal
The Ramgarhia Gurdwara at 24 Bearton Avenue, Hitchin, is the oldest Sikh Temple in North Hertfordshire and the very first Gurdwara in the whole of Anglia region.

At that time if any of the local Sangat (community) wanted to go to a Gurdwara, the nearest Gurdwara was either in London or in the Midlands. However like many other Sikh communities up & down the country during the 1960's the Sangat used to congregate in hired Halls in and around Hitchin.

The Ramgarhia Gurdwara Society purchased the old St Marks Church Hall, in partnership with another community in 1970. The Gurdwara Society was formed with the aim to serve the local Sikh Sangat (community) of Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Luton and their surrounding areas.
Original Gurdwara Building
Committee Members
Sardar Dr H.S.Sandhu
Sardar G.S.Ghattaura
Sardar A.S.Riyat
Bibi S.K.Bhamra
Sardar D.S.Reehal
Sardar M.S.Sahota
Sardar P.S.Virdee
Sardar S.S.Hunjan
Sardar C.S.Bhamra
Sardar S.S.Jandu
The Founding Trustees of the Gurdwara were as follows:

  Sardar Hari Singh Bhamra
  Sardar Sajan Singh Roopra
  Sardar Gulzar Singh Sahota
  Sardar Jagtar Singh Ubhi
To see how the Gurdwara progressed from the pictured building to the current building.

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Ramgarhia Gurdwara

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